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Tentu ramai yang merungut dan bermacam-macam lagi perasaan apabila komputer lambat. Ia perkara biasa kerana ia adalah ciptaan manusia. Disini sya ingin berkongsi serba sedikit bagaimana hendak melajukan proses loading komputer. Apa yang perlu anda lakukan adalah membuat sedikit perubahan pada sistem registry. Caranya:

- Klik pada Start dan klik Run

- Taip regedit dan klik ok.

- Klik pada HKEY_LOACAL_MECHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ContentIndex.

- Tukar value StartupDelay kepada 4000 (duble click pada StartupDelay untuk mengubah nilai value).

- Akhir sekali restart komputer anda untuk mengaktifkan perubahan setting tersebut.

Selamat mencuba.
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WINDOWS REGISTRY CLEANER - How to Make Your Computer Run Faster and Error Free in Minutes

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About 80 to 90 percent of computers around the world have Windows as their operating system. While everyone enjoys the speed that a new computer has, as time passes you generally begin to experience a decrease is computer performance as well as an increase in unknown errors, crashes and blue screen messages.
While there are many things that can cause those problems like computer viruses and spy ware, most people do not pay any attention to their computer registry, which is the main cause.
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5 Cara Untuk Lajukan Windows XP

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Walaupun Windows Vista telah lama dilancarkan oleh Microsoft, kebanyakan dari kita masih lagi menggunakan Windows XP sebagai Operating System. Ini mungkin kerana anda telah biasa dengan Windows XP, dan lebih selesa dengannya. Mungkin juga anda memilih Windows XP kerana ia kurang mengalami masalah compatibility dengan software lama.
Setelah menggunakan Windows XP buat beberapa ketika, anda mungkin perasan PC anda menjadi semakin lembab berbanding semasa baru lepas install Windows dahulu. Selain dari memastikan komputer anda bersih dari Virus dan Malware, terdapat beberapa perkara yang anda boleh amalkan untuk memastikan Windows XP berjalan dengan lebih lancar. Di sini saya ingin kongsi lima tips berikut:
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Kita tidak asing lagi tentang komputer. Tahukah anda apakah Operating system ataupun os. Ia merupakan system Pengoperasian. Contohnya ialah windows XP, Vista, dan windows 7. Selain daripada microsof windows terdapat juga os lain contohnya Unix yang biasa digunakan untuk server Mac OS X yang biasa digunakan pada komputer Apple, serta linux seperti ubuntu,Fedora dan Knoppix.
Dalam sebuah komputer, OS berfungsi sebagai perantara di antara software dan hardware. Ia juga bertanggungjawab dalam mengagihkan sumber komputer – seperti memori dan CPU – kepada setiap aplikasi yang dijalankan.  

(sumber dari
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Masalah ini biasanya berlaku akibat serangan virus dan kesannya ialah "task manager disable". Jangan panik. Setiap masalah tentu ada cara penyelesaiannya. Jika anda membukanya melalui run> taskmgr> satu mesej akan keluar: "Task Manager has been disabled by your Administrator."

Cara untuk mengembalikan fungsi Task Manager ini, anda haruslah membuang virus pada komputer tersebut. Gunakan perisian antivirus seperti Avira,Avast atau AVGFree.
Dan kalau gagal juga gunakan regedit ataupun gpedit.msc. Caranya ada dibawah:

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Top 3 Desktop PC's of October 2009

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 By: Troy Richards

Best Entry-Level Desktop PC: The only thing that is low-end on this model is its price. Other than that, its specs can easily be mistaken for a high-end desktop model. At the time of writing, the Compaq Presario CQ5110F retails for just around $359 each. That's about the price of a netbook! With that price you get a 2.5Ghz dual core processor, 3GB of RAM and 320GB of storage. Talk about a bargain! This desktop model sports the tradition tower desktop design, making it easy for users to upgrade it in the future. Many tech experts have unanimously voted this model as one of the best desktop models of 2009.
Best High-End Desktop PC: If you are looking for a desktop PC with a little more computing power and more features, the HP Pavilion P6130F may be just the right model for you. This model has a 2.4Ghz quad core processor, 8GB of RAM and a whopping 750GB for storage. It also has a powerful NVIDIA GeForce 9100 graphics card. Considering its specs, it is more than capable for carrying out heavy computing tasks. It even has a 7.1 channel audio output.
Best All-In-One Desktop PC: Since its launch, the HP TouchSmart series has taken the PC world by storm and looks set to give Apple iMac desktops a good run for their money. The HP TouchSmart IQ846 (CPU/display) measure at just 26.18 x 19.45 x 4.33 inches in dimensions. Its 25.5-inch screen is not only a HD display but also a touch screen. This model even comes with Blu-ray player that is a big plus! As of its specs, it has a 2Ghz processor, a 750GB hard drive and 4GB for RAM. This model fares very well whether in terms of design, specs and performance, serving as a refreshing alternative to the Apple iMac desktops (which has remained unchanged for years!).
For more reviews and product info on the Compaq desktop, visit Compaq Presario CQ5110F. For more reviews and product info on the HP desktop model, visit HP TouchSmart IQ846.

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TAKING CARE OF YOUR COMPUTER - Cleaning Inside the Case

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By: Roger D Moore

It is very important that you do this 5 step process to help keep your computer running as cool as possible, this will help to make it last longer.
This is one cause of computer failure, to much heat build up around components, what causes this is when dust and dirt build up it does not allow for free follow of air and this will not allow the air to move freely and dissipate the heat, the dust and dirt is no way a reflection on ones house keeping, I know that it makes you feel that way but the material comes from different things from carpets to clothing.
To do this you need to do these steps:
1. Be sure to turn off your computer
2. Unplug power cable
3. Either unscrew the screws in the back or just slide cover off
4. The best way to clean the inside is with a vacuum cleaner
5. What you do is suck out any fragments of dust you see
6. Be sure and clean around the power supply and fan
7. Be very careful that you do not do anything to knock any components lose
I have seen many computers slow down because of too dust build up in around components, what this does over time is causes heat build and then the components start breaking down causing replacement of power supply, memory and eventually having to replace the computer sooner than normal.
If you feel that you cannot or should not try to perform this seek out a qualified technician to do this!
I hope that this information is of help to you, this is just free information I picked up as I work on different computers to help make them run faster and more efficient in our every day usage.
I have been working with computers since 1971 when they used punch cards and one used a tape recorder and a monochrome TV screen, I know that I am dating myself.
I do this because I want to help people for free to be able to enjoy their computing experience all the while being trouble free as much as possible.

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